Here be my favourite fanfic… these guys are listed here because they’re either brilliantly written, old favourites, or just a tonne of fun to read. Be warned, the pairings differ greatly! My all time faves are starred**.




1.      Fame Isn’t Everything by Diricawl

2.      Fine Lines by Shadowphoenix **

3.      Pariah by MaeGunn Batt

4.      Some Days I Wish I Were in Slytherin by Ginnysdarkside **

5.      The Stick Figures Version of the Philosopher's Stone by Squeaky

6.      Uric the Oddball by Ariana Deralte



1.      Flame and Shadow by Maya **

2.      Furious Wielder of Storms by Pavonis

3.      Playing with Fire by Aidan Lynch

4.      Strange Bedfellows: A Comedy of Assumptions by Mad Maudlin

5.      Strictus Snipe and a Cure for Writers' Block by Rowen_R

6.      The Art of War by Hijja

7.      The More is My Unrest by Arabella and Jedi Boadicea **



1.      A Certain Point of View by B Bennett

2.      A Fair Fellowship of Young Squires by After the Rain **

3.      Balloons by Fujin101

4.      Duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh-- WHO? by Amanuensis

5.      Oral Sex by Isis

6.      Simplicity by Ishuca **